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2 Giu , 2019 Salento da scoprire

15 things to do in Leuca (reviewed by me)

Going away from Leuca without having read this list, you can do it. But in the end you may lose the basics, those that only one thoroughbred Salento can recommend because he knows and lives the whole year. Faro, Basilica, square, view point of the bay and the sunset and monumental staircase (which becomes a waterfall at times when the open terminal of the Apulian aqueduct) are a short walk from home, to reach just across the blue wooden gate in the woods.

1 Begin from breakfast, to start well the day do not need anything but drink a good coffee (strictly “Quarta”), perhaps in its variant in ice and almond milk, and accompany him to a pasticciotto, the sweet made of pastry typical of the Salento and custard. Take your time, no one here is in a hurry to exist.
2 Choose the Ionian or Adriatic, in connection with the wind blowing and the sea. A
must: you get up and choose.
3 Walking on the Leuca seafront in the
early hours of the morning when all is quiet and peace is immediate.

4 Spend an entire day at the beach. Maybe the Pescoluse: clear water, beach fabulous. Packed lunches, afternoon exhaustion with attached nap, returning to late sunset. This is relaxing
5 At least once eat:
Bruschetta made with the “Ricotta Scante” (strong) with anchovies above. Simedda of “zia Franca” oven.
Pittule, unobtrusive and simple, you always amaze. The recipe is almost trivial, water, flour and yeast (typically autumnal dish but dusted off in grand style festivals in Salento).
Frisa with tomatoes and olive oil from our own. Try it for yourself
Rustico, typical of the Salento, are found in every bar and grill
Eating in a typical trattoria in the center of Salento and be won over by the quality of its food and the kindness of the owners
Taste wine from Salento
Negroamaro, Primitive or Susumaniello.
6 See the sunset at the tip Ristola to Leuca. Visit Leuca Small Barbarano and The Centopietre to Patu.
Visit the caves by boat from Leuca (Biagio 339/4276320) or Tricase port (Giuseppe 389/6710614 worth it).
8 Visit the village of
Specchia, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy
9 A Tricase Square Pisanelli, Gallon Palace, the Church of San Domenico, Church of the Devils, Crypt of Basiliana Gonfalone, Oak Vallonea (the oldest in Europe of the fifteenth century). visit Castro
10 Slope Adriatic bathe the Ciolo (bridge crossing a creek wonderful also known for the presence of the famous local Gibò). From here step by step, on the border between land and sea, rolling rocks and the deep blue of the Mediterranean, go along the trail Cipolliane, a spectacular nature trail that winds along the breathtaking landscape overlooking the sea with lovely views of the coastline, rocky cliffs dotted with euphorbia, prickly pear. A succession of witnesses of a now forgotten peasant life: pajare, dry stone walls and “mantagnate”, stone walls built to repair the coastal area, once cultivated by the wind coming from the sea, laden with salt. Then Novaglie and its fishing port, Marina Serra (natural swimming pool), Tricase Porto. A Santa Cesarea beautiful Villa Sticchi nineteenth-century Moorish style. Resort and spectacular bath in the bay of Porto Badisco (Virgil describes you the landing of Aeneas) !!
Otranto: The lighthouse of Palascìa, pointing more to the east of Italy, recently renovated, is accessed from the main road through a trail that descends to the sea. In the same area the bauxite quarry. Bathroom at the spectacular Bay of the Turks and then stroll through the old town of white houses and ramparts, unmissable visit to the Cathedral of the Martyrs. Lake Bauxite (Orte area – Otranto)
12. visit
Lecce and admire the beauty of its cathedral in the evening. A glance. The lights, the atmosphere, the bell tower. Explore the streets of Lecce by night which for many is even more beautiful than by day. Required: the rose window of the Basilica of Santa Croce, wonder in the open.
13 Do at least one stage of the
Notte della Taranta. In August there are over 15 you have to try it at least once, and being contaminated by the rhythm
14 See the lights known internationally of the Feast of Santa Domenica Scorrano
15 It does not matter if you’re in the car, if you want to feel all the taste of the countryside you should take an old convoy of Railways South East, with the old leather seats, and the tone vintage absently. Trains where time is forgotten and it feels strong smell AFA, we move in procession through all the villages and there is always someone who falls asleep.

When it rains (thanks to Vincenzo Santoro, Eleonora Bianchi and Giuseppe Ferrarese)

Visit museums (at least Castromediano and archaeological Ugento deserve) and churches (a must, Santa Caterina d’Alessandria in Galatina, and on the way the pastry Ascalone where it says that it was invented pasticciotto), take a ride in the historic centers (with “weak precipitation” you can do, just adopt parasol). On newsstands QuiSalento to find some tasty spectacle proposal to close … and then, of course, taste wines and cuisine …
In Porto Cesareo there is a museum of marine biology Peter Parenzan, for the smallest and beyond. Add the Civic Museum of Paleontology and Paletnologia Maglie, the museum with Byzantine frescoes and the museum messapico Poggiardo. Or take a ride in Muro Leccese medieval castle with museum included ..
Possibly needed a guide, in my opinion this is the best (available at the Library Idrusa of course): “The Salento nice and tasty Slow Food and Touring Club”

Beautiful people (precise that I have no relationship with the people signaled that my judgment derives essentially from personal experience. Indeed in some cases these people even know me!)

Hiking, walking and light hiking with Arches Archaeology Association of Salento
Marco Cavalera 340/5897632

Massagges: Paola Rizzo 327/7937252

Fishmonger "Two Seas" via Margherita di Savoia Antonio Gagliano cell. 348/4819051
Sigma supermarkets and Eurospin Gagliano
Butcher Albano Antonio Piazza Immacolata, 4 Gagliano tel. 0833/548223
Agriturismo Serine traditional cuisine Fabrizio tel. 0833/751337 - 339/6026307
Mangiamare set menu (fish) tel. 0833/767802
Tora Pizza & Cucina Felloniche tel. 0833/767826
Trattoria Fedele (fish) area old Leuca port tel. 0833/758732
Trattoria Rua de li travaj in Patù, traditional cuisine Gino 349/0584531 

Trips to the caves from Torre Vado Biagio Tour 339/4276320 
Trips to the caves of Leuca Nautica Colaci Giovanni tel. 0833/758609

Rural tourism and extra virgin organic olive oil (high content in polyphenols, strong flavor) and almonds:
Recommend Maria Consiglia Lisi 340/3450318

visits to farms and farms in educational campaign www.cooperativaterrarossa.org

Weaving Calabrese Tiggiano www.tessituracalabrese.it 0833/531132
Agostino Branca’s teacher Tricase working pottery 0833/545120

Mercatino del Gusto Jerseys www.mercatinodelgusto.it
Salento International Film Festival Tricase www.salentofilmfestival.com
Li Ucci Festival 14/20 September 2014 Cutrofiano www.liuccifestival.it
Festival of swordfish Gallipoli 5 to 7 September 2014 on the waterfront


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